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          Florida Department of Education:  Office of Mathematics and Science

 Mission Statement

Florida’s Office of Mathematics and Science is charged with defining research-based state education policy and programs for the state of Florida to increase student knowledge and performance in the content areas of mathematics and science. This office shall be fully accountable to the Commissioner of Education and shall:

(1)  Develop and implement training for highly effective mathematics and science lead teachers in every school in Florida.

(2)  Create multiple designations of effective mathematics and science instruction, with accompanying credentials.

(3)  Provide professional development to K-12 mathematics and science teachers and school administrators on effective instructional strategies.

(4)  Provide parents with information and strategies for supporting their children in mastery of mathematics and science knowledge.

(5)  Provide technical assistance to school districts in the development and implementation of aligned K-12 research-based mathematics and science and integrated mathematic and science curriculum programs.

(6)  Coordinate the work of the Florida State University’s Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education (FCR-STEM) to provide information on research-based mathematics and science programs and professional development programs for mathematics and science teachers.

(7)  Periodically review Florida’s World-Class Content Standards for mathematics and science at all grade levels.  Click here to review the FL DOE Brochure regarding World-Class Content Standards.

(8)  Periodically review teacher certification examinations to ascertain whether the examinations measure the skills and content area knowledge needed for research-based mathematics and science instruction.

(9)  Work with approved teacher preparation programs to integrate research-based mathematics and science instructional strategies.

(10)  Administer state and federal funds allocated to the improvement of mathematics and/or science education to meet the goal of all students graduating from high school prepared to enter postsecondary or the workforce without required remediation in mathematics and/or science.

Office of Math and Science