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Florida MSP Programs


Mathematics Science Partnership (MSP) - Partnership to Rejuvenate and Optimize Mathematics and Science Education in Florida (PROMiSE)


View the Florida PROMiSE Website:  http://flpromise.org/

PROMiSE Newsletter #1:  March 2008

Press Release for the FL Department of Education Announcement for the award of the FY 2008 MSP Grant:


Commissioner Bloomberg's Announcement: http://info.fldoe.org/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-4601/supts-msp-rfp.pdf  

  • 2008 MSP Request for Proposal: Click here for Word or pdf
  • 2008 MSP DOE 100A: Click here for Word or pdf
  • 2008 MSP DOE 101: Click here for Word or pdf
  • 2008 MSP Frequently Asked Questions:  Click here for Word or pdf

Florida Science Partnership Websites:

Hillsborough County: Collaborative Leaders Achieving Science Success: http://classsci.mysdhc.org/

Manatee County:  ScienceMaster:  http://www.manateeschools.net/ScienceMaster/index.html 

Osceola County:  Interactive Mathematics United with Science and Technology (I-MUST):  http://imust.ucf.edu/

Union County: Exploring Science Content: http://education.ufl.edu/grants/UnionMSP/

Union County:  Let's Talk Science: http://education.ufl.edu/grants/letas/

Washington County/PAEC:  Science Collaboration: Immersion, Inquiry, Innovation: http://www.paec-sc-iii.org/

Washington County/PAEC:  Science: Optimizing Academic Returns (SOAR):  http://www.paec-soar.org/


April 2007 Announcement of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for FY 2008 FL Science Partnership Grants: 


2007 MSP Request for Proposal:  Click here for PDF file

Press Release for FY 2008 Florida Science Partnership Grants:  http://www.fldoe.org/news/2007/2007_06_25.asp

Math Matters Websites:

Broward County:  Project Increasing Mathematics Performance Results via Online Virtual Education (IMPROVE): http://www.schoolofed.nova.edu/projectimprove/

Escambia County:  Math Matters in Careers: http://www.uwf.edu/mathmatters/

Gadsden County: Digital Math: Developing Standards for Content: http://etc.usf.edu/reports/gadsden1/

Hillsborough County: Achievement through Content Expertise (ACE): http://mathmatters.mysdhc.org

Miami-Dade County:  Mathematics Matters Every Day:  http://mathscience.dadeschools.net/m2ed/

Osceola County: Math Integration through Inquiry:  http://mi2.ucf.edu/index.html

Washington County:  FloridaLearns Academy Math Experts (FAME):  http://www.paec-fame.org/ 


2006 MSP Request for Proposal:  Click here for PDF file

US Department of Education MSP Websites:

 State MSP Project Listing:  http://www.ed-msp.net/do/searchCoordinatorByState